25 Digibook SteelShell Schutzhüllen 3-Seitig geschlossen 172mm Höhe

Artikelnummer: DBS025

25 SteelShell Schutzhüllen für Digibooks (172mm höhe)

Kategorie: Schutzhüllen

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The one and only SteelShell Slipcover for Digibooks™


Exclusive at blu-steels you get a nearly complete closed Slipcover called " SteelShell (D)* "  for your Digibook. The SteelShell is made of PET-GAG** material and fits perfect to your Digibook. As Worldwide first product  in "Steelbook-ProtectionSegment" this slipcover is closed at three sides and prevents scratches at the top and bottom of your Digibooks. Only the Spine ( Middlepart with movie-title on it) is open to get out the Digibook.

Like every exclusive blu-steels products: Made in Germany


Benefits of the SteelShell Slipcover:

  • prevents scratches

    • prevents dust

      • no fingerprints

        • an extra shiny finish

          • Integrative overview in set




* Registered Design at HABM. Number 002289835-0001

** 250µ GAG-PET ( Polyethylenterephthalat )



Breite: ca. 15 mm
Höhe: ca. 172 mm
Preis pro Hülle: 0,76
Tiefe: ca. 140 mm
Versandgewicht: 0,49 Kg
Artikelgewicht: 0,45 Kg

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