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This platform offers everything a collector covet. Main issue of this site is the Blu-Ray Steelbook. Basicly it's about presentation and protection. As a collector you want to present your rar and beautiful Steelbooks. The product "SteelShell" brings the best possible protection against dust and scratches. With 3 closed sides and only the spine ( side wich shows movie title ) is uncovered for a clear and perfect readable spine. The original Steelbook stand made of Acryl was adjusted to the SteelShell and other slipcovers. This great combination shows a wonderful general view.

Rummage in my shop, read my product articles for a better overview and "pimp up" your collection. Have a nice time on - your main portal for Steelbook equipment.

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Jumbo-Steelbook Stands made from plastic

Jumbo-Steelbook Stands made from plastic

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